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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:38 pm 

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Link to company.

A few years ago I was in need of insert cables and couldn't find any "off the shelf". I wound up going to a local shop and having the tech there make me a pair, 6' standard shielded cable, Switchcraft plugs, simple...Except that he charged me $25 per cable...If I hadn't been desperate for them at the time I would have made my own, but the sad fact is that it wouldn't have been all that much cheaper to make them myself...

I'm no slouch when it comes to soldering and minor electronical repair, so after that experience I searched for, and found, a company with lower priced components for guys like me who #1 can't afford the high-dollar cables and connectors and #2 can't justify that expenditure for the "facility" I run. #3 would be that there isn't a lot of traffic down in the cellar, so the cheaper components will likely last a lifetime...

Enter Orange County Speaker Repair. Their house brand, GLS, is of course Chinese. They have only one grade of bulk mic cable, and besides a line of Neutrik connectors all else is store-brand (except for speakers, of which they carry most major brands).

Last year I ordered 10 of their 25' GLS mic cables, along with a bulk pack of XLR connectors. The cables are a running "special" @ $60. I wasn't expecting much, in fact I was expecting to get total crap for that price...But the cables, though not your heavy "Monster" guage, are sturdy and quiet and the connectors have no flaws whatsoever--In fact, at first I thought they were Neutriks. Well soldered and secure. I have a number of cables with Neutrik connectors, so I compared them; Besides the lack of the Neutrik logo, I could not find a difference. The box of 20 GLS XLR connectors cost $25, compared to $4 for just one of the equivalent Neutriks...For the recordist on a budget this is a fantastic deal...

This last month I ordered a spool of bulk mic cable and a 16-pack of TRS 1/4" plugs, in order to convert some of the mic cables to fit my little Mackie board, which boasts only four channels with XLR jacks, the rest balanced 1/4"...The cable, once again GLS, is the same stuff the previous mic cables are made of, two-strand with a copper shield. The rubber jacket is very flexible, winds easily, and is QUIET in the mix. The TRS 1/4" plugs, however, I'm not yet sold on; The insulator material is rough and has a "broken" look to it, can't make a judgement on durability yet, but they are DEFINITELY not Switchcraft. @ $25 for 16 of them though, they seem worth a try. I will update if it becomes necessary to do so.

Overall I have to say that I'm ecstatic with my purchases thus far. Their shipping rates seem a tad steep, considering that it is standard Brown Ground, but it still made the orders worth it. No, I don't intend to do any heavy gigging with these cables, so I can't comment on that level of durability, but I WILL suggest that they be treated as conscientiously as any component of your sound system, perhaps a bit more on a gig. In my situation these cables won't be travelling or roughed up...They may get trampled on a bit, as mic cables are subject to, but I think they are stout enough for that...

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:24 pm 
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almost all of my studio cables come from this company. Their T-Shirt is killer. Most people first think orange county choppers. This one stands out.

Great stuff and nice folks to deal with.


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