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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:28 pm 
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Hello, I have been able to Export files to the Transfer folder in the past but I am now getting a HD Full pop up message that will not go away after Optimizing songs and deleting files from the AW2400. I was able to record more tracks but still cannot Export a track file in the Edit mode. I cleared the Transfer folder with my MacBook attached and cannot figure out how to clear the memory. On my AW4416 I could optimize the entire hard drive. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you for your feedback.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:55 am 
Robbie The Botkiller
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Hi Joseph and welcome to the forum. I can't help you with the problem, I'm only here to guard the cheese. Someone more knowledgeable will come along and help. In the meantime all I can do is say: welcome to the forum!


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:43 pm 
Marker Magician
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I have recently encountered this issue on my 2400 too. As well there is a recent thread of a situation of another user who had his workflow completely disrupted by this issue.

I had this happen on my 1600 some years ago too. In that case i am not sure how i resolved. But in my more recent case on the 2400 the issue was resolved with a re format. Robbie has always championed the re format and i think it is the solution in this situation.

I had done a session in which i ran some rather large projects (8 tracks at 24/48 for 45 minutes). My disc had many other smaller projects on it too. I had not optimized or done any disc maintenance for some time, since the last format a couple of years prior. All worked well through the recording and then during the demo mixes i created. but these track were to be destined for another mixing engineer, so i attempted to move them to the Transfer File. I got one or two tracks off before the FULL message appeared. After that no luck. I optimized all the projects to no avail. So I was able to back all the projects up via USB to an external HD, in the usual process. then i began deleting the "extra" projects. It seemed that the HD space available number on the bottom of the song list did not increase in relation to the size of the projects i was deleteing. But as each "bunch" was deleted I was able to utilize the Transport Folder for a bit, but the FULL would reappear. Eventually i had deleted all the extra projects, but there were still the files from one of my 3 long projects created from the session that needed to be sent elsewhere. As i said, I had backed them up. So, I deleted one of the 3 that i had successfully moved the tracks from and then reinstalled that project onto the 2400, whose HD, at this point was not able to use the Transfer Folder and whose Space Available number still read about 8 gb of free space, even though all the projects except the 3 important ones had been deleted. Armed with the confidence of successful re load of the projects to the seemingly compromised HD I took a deep breath and reformatted. I loaded the projects back in, and transferred the tracks. This time I deleted each large track from the transfer folder after I had moved it to the external storage, before attempting the next batch. All went well. Since then i have added some new projects and i have utilized the Transport to fly in some tracks created elsewhere.

In my efforts to rejuvenate the HD in order to avoid data destruction I had defragged each partition on the AW, via my PC. No help at all!!

I think there is some sort of size limitation/bug? related to the Transport that confuses the machine when it is surpassed and does not reset when adequate space seems to have been made available, but i have no details beyond that guess.

Perhaps an inquiry to the techs at Yamaha could shed some light. the manual does not mention this ceiling.

So perhaps you can archive your projects and re format ???

Hope this story helps you out.


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