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 Post subject: Altering sounds via Midi
PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:41 am 
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On a synth (or your G recorder) the wheels , knobs , switches , pedals, etc. are all used to alter the sounds you are playing. A pitchwheel bends a note. A sustain pedal holds the note until released. There is no secret around here what a volume pedal does.

This brings us to another group of midi messages called control change messages. There are a total of 120 controllers and each one has it's own message.

A pitchbend wheel varies the pitch of the instrument's note (or notes) being played either up or down. The smooth event is great for imitating guitars , pedal steels , some horns , etc. Usually they are center detented.(no effect in the center detent) Yes there is a universal Midi message for pitch wheels called "pitchbend change" . It has a value of 0 to 127 and number 64 is the center detent. numbers below 64 lower the pitch , numbers above raise it.

A modulation wheel is found on most synths and can be assigned various duties from changing filter sweeps to changing the speed of a Leslie horn . A mod wheel is controller number 1.

A volume knob , pedal or slider is controller #7. it also has 128 steps from full off to peak volume.

Controller #10 is the Pan control. 64 is center , 0 to 64 is left and 64 to 127 is full right.

The sustain pedal (damper pedal) holds the note even as the key is released. It's number is controller 64. It is different in that values of 0 to 63 are "off" and values of 64 to 127 are "on".

The table below presents a summary of the MIDI Standard Controller codes in decimal and hexadecimal (h) form.
Decimal Hex Controller Name
0 00h Bank Select (Controller # 32 more commonly used)
1 01h Modulation Wheel
2 02h Breath Contoller
3 03h Undefined
4 04h Foot Controller
5 05h Portamento Time
6 06h Data Entry MSB
7 07h Main Volume
8 08h Balance
9 09h Undefined
10 0Ah Pan
11 0Bh 0Ch
12 0Ch Effect Control 1
13 0Dh Effect Control 2
14-15 0E-0Fh Undefined
16-19 10-13h General Purpose Controllers (Nos. 1-4)
20-31 14-1Fh Undefined
32-63 20-3Fh LSB for Controllers 0-31 (rarely implemented)
64 40h Damper Pedal (Sustain) [Data Byte of 0-63=0ff, 64-127=On]
65 41h Portamento
66 42h Sostenuto
67 43h Soft Pedal
68 44h Legato Footswitch
69 45h Hold 2
70 46h Sound Controller 1 (default: Sound Variation)
71 47h Sound Controller 2 (default: Timbre/Harmonic Content)
72 48h Sound Controller 3 (default: Release Time)
73 49h Sound Controller 4 (default: Attack Time)
74 4Ah Sound Controller 5 (default: Brightness)
75-79 4B-4Fh Sound Controller 6-10 (no defaults)
80-83 50-53h General Purpose Controllers (Nos. 5-8)
84 54h Portamento Control
85-90 55-5Ah Undefined
91 5Bh Effects 1 Depth (previously External Effects Depth)
92 5Ch Effects 2 Depth (previously Tremolo Depth)
93 5Dh Effects 3 Depth (previously Chorus Depth)
94 5Eh Effects 4 Depth (previously Detune Depth)
95 5Fh Effects 5 Depth (previously Phaser Depth)
96 60h Data Increment
97 61h Data Decrement
98 62h Non-Registered Parameter Number LSB
99 63h Non-Registered Parameter Number LSB
100 64h Registered Parameter Number LSB
101 65h Registered Parameter Number MSB
102-120 66-78h Undefined
Channel Mode Messages
121 79h Reset All Controllers
122 7Ah Local Control
123 7Bh All Notes Off
124 7Ch Omni Off
125 7Dh Omni On
126 7Eh Mono On (Poly Off)
127 7Fh Poly On (Mono Off)

happy controlling



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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:06 pm 
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Another swell post wise one. Sooo if'n I wanted my sequenceing software to raise volume on my POD guitar gizmo from 100 to 120 over a 4 beat time frame, I enter x number of control changes spaced y time apart using cc #7 on channel 2 (which is my POD Rx #). I think I'm starting to get this stuff. I appreciate your time and effort.

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