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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:35 am 
Lone Star

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Greetings from an ex-pat Londoner living in copenhagen denmark (small c, small d :lol: ) I just bought the AW1600 to replace the old roland I currently use as a machine to handle live playback through the p.a. system.
The band I`m in has tracks one/two playing stereo strings/sound effects etc....track three has a bass track and track four has a click track.
My question to you all is this: How do I program the AW1600 to get tracks one, two and three out to the front of house through the monitor outs but not the track four click.......and then how do I route to get track three (the bass) and track four (the click) out of the stereo/aux outputs...and where are the volume controls....damn virtual reality.... :shock:

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 11:20 am 
Guitar Ho
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Hey Ep....welcome aboard. Sorry about the Denmark gig.

First, we have to live with the fact that this is a recorder and not a mixer. But all hope is not lost. We just need to turn this thing on its head so to speak. It will however be inconvenient.

Before I suggest this, the AWs do have a built in click that is delievered to the monitor outs but not the stereo outs. That is a possibility, but it could be a bit of a hassel as's not very loud--or maybe not loud enough especially in a live setting. Just a question...are these individual songs that you are loading during play or just one long song? If it's the latter, you'll have to program scenes to change the tempo when each song comes up.

If you are using a recorded click track, things are a little dicier. What I meant by saying "turning this thing on its head" is that you would first configure the stereo port as AUX OUT, and use the aux bus as your stereo bus for FOH. Then, for everything you want to go to the front of house, you'd open the aux outs for these tracks, probably post fader now that I think of it (debatable in that the fader would control both monitor and stereo out...if the need to be independent during play, it would have to be prefader). You would not of course open the aux out on the click track. Now the monitor out would have everything including the click, the aux out would be your FOH. The volume for the aux out could be controlled buy the virtual pots in the VIEW/TRACK screen or by pushing down on the PAN/BAL nob and looking at the PAN/AUX screen for the individual tracks, and the PAN/AUX OUT screen for the overall volume of the aux out bus.

Simple non?

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 3:48 pm 
Mr. Electonica Dude
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Wow what a pain............


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