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 Post subject: EQ and keyboard patches.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 6:22 am 
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This was sent as a PM but I feel it's a valid question so I will post both the question and answer here,

MitchM2005 wrote:
Remember that a while back I told you that I had a Yamaha CVP-207 Clavinova?
Well, i dug deeping into the Clavinova's patches and found out that for almost every patch that was created for the clavinova there is EQ being applied to it, so if I went to grand piano2, EQ was already applied to the patch.
This makes it confusing cause I understand that usually you want to record "flat" and fov every patch that was created for the clavinova,
EQ being applied to it.
So I was just curious if your patches have the same thing...where there is EQ being applied the each patch...
There is also a master EQ, but I set that to "flat"
but what confuses me is that even if I set the master EQ to "flat"
the patchs themselves still have EQ being applied to them.
Do you have any Yamaha keyboards or pianos that do this also?
And do you leave the patch the way it is and still EQ on the 16G, or do you turn off the EQ on the CVP?
Thanks MSG


I wrote:

Making a patch "flat" as you say on the ES is simply to push the EQ button and adjust low , low mid , mid and high knobs . It's crude compared to the G's EQ prowess but the display shows where each knob is set and may be overriden with a knob twist. i.e. the displays shows -30 to +30db for eaxh band. Of course zero is "flat" eq on that band.

To my knowledge there is no global EQ on any Yamaha I own. But EQ on a patch is kinda like closing the gate after the cattle got out. All patches are different so there's not an EQ setting that's gonna make 'em all sound good. I try to design my patches to require no external EQ other than what is required to make it fit the mix. I tend to remove the added effects of a factory patch by pushing the Effect On/Off master switch.

If your Yamaha allows voice (patch) saving then you could make the desired changes in EQ , save by overwriting it in the bank location(if allowed) or save it to user presets (if you have them) .

A long and difficult way around the above is to modify the patch as desired , send full sysex midi dump of the instrument to a sequencer , then play the sysex file back into your machine. Now the new edited voice should appear in the same bank and patch number.

I'm posting this on the open forum as I feel it is useful to others as well.


I hope this is of benefit to all interested.


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:18 pm 
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as for myself, i stay very aware of EQ in terms of how each part will settle in the total mix. you get better with this over time IMHO. many times i will low shelve keyboard patches that are rich in bass so they don't collide later in the big mix. some folks leave everything the way it is, record dry and sort it out post-mixing. im learning which instruments i can EQ at the source to benefit the mix and for me, its a time saver. its also nice that most of the instruments in your song are sitting nicely in the stereo field thanks to good EQ management to begin with. but whereas i am a love ballad writer, many times, i leave the keys EQ alone because so much of the recorded track is just the keyboard and vocal. so in that case, i will shelve/cut the EQ during mix automation, when BASS and other instruments enter the mix. on a another note, i have been educating myself with books and videos about recording, mixing, effects and mic techniques. when you're doing all of this yourself, you simply can't be the best at every thing ( NOTE: Harry didn't say that) LOL

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