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PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:29 am 

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Probably a much discussed trick when mixing. Take 2 different recordings or tracks of the same performance and color each track separately.
For neighbors are tender, you know I usually only hit drums to get a decent loop and then construct it the ridiculous way by mono loop station later. In this shortcut, I may take the dry and mono drum performace printed onto the G and run it out to a terribly noisy compression effect on my Dr. Sample, back into another open track on the Yamz.

Then, why not take the same performace effect out again to a more subtle treatment..nicely EQ'd like the Hendrix days of sub mixing and put it back onto yet another open track on the Toyota.

Bang. Two drum tracks...the 1st is overcompressed NY deli style and the other is thoughtfully submixed with maybe just maybe a horse hoof of reverb.
Turn up the Heavyweight track and make a subtle aural hue around the fringes of Rocky with supercompressed low volume/big volume drum track.

Jean Cream.
Unless you mic'd shattily and weren't controlling your live dynamics, in which case, refer back to countless hours practicing technique and volume control. John Bonham would hit his cymbals softer so his drums could be open faced and heady.

Nowadays, is it me or are a lot of beatmeisters doing just that? Whacking off with their meatbeatings constantly trying to match Timbaland or P. Diddy?
Foxy Cleopatra has a good beatmeister tho.

Now that I think of it, why not just overdub so many different recording of the same performanced drums that you have a big garbage bag full of sub-mixes and play tug of war with the faders during mixdown, providing you have all the shasta mchappy's and belinda von dootittles in place.

If not, refer back to countless hours of see saw with the parametric EQ and then iron out the shittles. Results should be nothing short of creamed butter and/or saddle cheese Irish pub draft.

If not, just use a cheap mic and a garage and play however you want and then call it lo-fi garage rock in which case you'd better be good like The White Stripes or else you're gonna have people talking about how crudful you are behind your back.

Listen..record a fart, sample it, fatten it up, roll some bass, squeeze it a bit more and then sprinkle some chopped glockenspiel over your ghetto bass drum loop. I can almost guarantee that the biological familiarity with the human fart against the mass public's ear will generate a good deal of cash flow.
Like when they put cocaine into soda. Same thing.

We don't appreciate you eating macaroni and cheese on our limited time here

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