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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:01 am 
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Hi there.

OK, so I've made sure that there are no dynamics or effects turned on anywhere, and that includes the mastering settings. All faders are set to "0" dB. I'm just using the optical digital input and only recording onto track one. Could it be that my digital in is 2 channels and adding together on the way in but when only one track is playing I'm only getting the level from one signal? That could be it, I'll check. i've been using my AW16g for a long time over many projects and just noticed this. But then again, I record stereo tracks most of the time.

Thanks for listening and i'd be interested in your feedback. I have heard that adding 2 identical signals together increases the gain by 3, or 6dB. Maybe thats whats happening.

Best regards!


PS -- YES! That is whats doing it. During recording I'm monitoring 2 identical channels so it reads 6 dB louder on the levels. When I shut off one of the digital inputs the level decreased by 6 dB. I'll still post this though in case someone gets something out of it someday.

Thanks again!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:01 am 
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Don't forget that there is opportunity to add gain to the stereo bus signal. You can do this on the screens that show the signal chain of the individual inputs/tracks and buses. On the individual tracks and inputs you can cut gain only, but on the stereo channel you can add and cut. very handy at times - maybe when you have mix that is working for you, but the gain is getting pushed as you build. A cut allows you to avoid tampering with your mix levels. On the other hand, if you can develop the good habit of building and mixing to a conservative level, the add capacity on the stereo bus lets you push a mix a bit harder -- perhaps into a compressor/limiter for final mixdown.

As for adding identical signals within a mix - I do that often. Especially with a lead vocal if it is just not sitting well enough in the mix. Additionally, you can thicken a track by altering the identical tracks so they chorus a bit. you can add 2 or 3 ms to the secondary tracks. Or you can detune up and or down a few cents on the secondary tracks to thicken things up. I often leave the primary vocal centered and fairly dry, then place two "identical" tracks (altered as suggested above) on a stereo pair - then I pan these hard LR. this pair then gets some individual treatment using EQ and DYN and REverb and with some listening a decision is made about how much of this be allowed to sit under the "primary" (centered and dry) vocal track.


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