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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 12:01 am 

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John Stuart here,

just thought Iwould pass on some info which could be helpful in your
next recording using the aw16g. I used the AW16G for all of my
recordings for my latest cd which will be out in about 45-50 days
world wide.

The aw16g is a tremendous unit, which when coupled with a good
condeser mike, I use the mxl 1000 which I have hanging
from its own mike stand, upside down.

for tremendeous vocals, Go into your clothes closet, and use the
clothes in there as a sound deading device. once you have the mike
set up and turn up the volume on the aw16g . go into the effects,
1 and set it for Rev- or + delay.

2. set the aw16g for 20 db do a voice test once you have set up
the record for track 1.

3. use the recording mastering library, for any of the info that is
there. I use the bass boost alot, plus the soft and hard attacky.

4. make sure your speakers are set up, and you are able to do a
test before you do the recording

5. set the aw16g on stereo, do not use any compression at all,
that will come later, when you do your final mastering.

6. start to speak into the mike, and listen for feedback on the speakers.
once you hear your voice clear, on the studio speakers, move the
slider for that track down two clicks. This will keep the pops to a

7. sing part of the song, without music, and listen for the return
of your voice, remember there is a delay, time., once you hear
it. bring up the volume on the aw16g until your voice is as clear
as a bell.

that is all there is too it. I found this out, by trial and error, and
when I recorded the song, it was so clear, you could cut it with a
dull knife. The voice mastering library on the aw16g is fantastic.

I never knew my voice could sound so good, It sounds like it is not even
me singing. You have to try this, if you want to do fantastic recordings
of your voice.

I have been using the aw16g for a little less then a year now, it took
a while to learn it, but once you get the hang of it, you can cut cd's
with professional voice mastering as easy as 1 2 3. And you can
have a finished product in less than 2 hours, ready for the
radio, or tv or what have you.

hope this tip helps some one.


John Stuart aka John S. Perrault

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 5:30 am 
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This is certainly not the "standard" way to do things, but it definitely sounds like an interesting method. I have some overdubs to do this weekend, and I see if I can set that up to try it.

I remember one person who was getting a great guitar sound, and when I asked him, he told me he just set a pignose amp down inside a washing machine and put the mic over the open door to the machine. He said it sounded horrible and tinny live, but great through the tape.

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