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 Post subject: effects
PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 7:22 pm 
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Has anyone used the aw 16g as an effects unit in a PA system. I have had effects units, that just arn't as good as the effects in the G. So anyway I am going to mess with it, just wondered if anyone had any tips. Thanks

 Post subject: Re: effects
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 3:31 am 
Marker Magician
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The AW has only two outs, from the stereo channel. there are not individual outs for each track. So, that means you could send a mix to the
AW from your board ( group A of the channels you are using) and then send them back from the AW to another strip on the board, that is assigned to a different group. and then send that group B to your PA amp. Would depend on the patching capabilities of you mixing board.

Or you could use the AW as your mixing board, using its inputs for your mics/ instruments and then amplifying the output with your PA amp. this limits you to 8 and only two with XLR/phantom on the G. If you set it up like this you can press record and capture your performance if you want. To have this flexibility on a moments notice, you have to be sending the inputs through the effect send/return bus of the tracks, which would require you to have the tracks armed and ready to record.

I guess you could send a stereo mix from your board to the aw via a pair of inputs, and then insert an effects into the chain of the stereo channel, but this would not allow you to have individual control of each input.

If i was going this route, i would be using the AW as the mixing board. I have sent FOH sound through the AW a couple of times and have had no major disasters. I did have some issues using the machine out of doors, with the LCD screen not easy to read in the daylight, and then the dew being worrisome after the sun went down.


 Post subject: Re: effects
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 2:23 pm 

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like Byron wrote, there are many options, perhaps the most simple would be using G also as a mixer, if you need less than 8 inputs.

Other than that, perhaps you want to use G as send/return effects unit(s), I think this would be a little modified version od what was suggested first. If you have ext PA mixer with 2 auxes (send-returns), send-patch aux1 out to G's ch 3, aux2 out to G's ch 4, load effect 1 to ch 3 (start with eff 1 knob around 2 o'clock, eff 2 knob full closed), effect 2 to ch 4 (eff 2 to 2 o'clock, eff 1 full closed). Now you have both effects outs mixed together on St channel (out). You can patch st out to separate group on your PA mixer, or to 2 channels panned L-R, or sometimes there's st aux return...
You control effects per channel on your PA mixer with aux 1 and 2 knobs. Put them post if you have this option.

But it would really help if you tell us what kind of equipment you have ;)

Quick edit: In G's channel you can also set effect in-line. In this case there's no need for using eff send knobs.. #-o

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